SAGSTROM Ginko Wall Art


This beautiful piece of wall art is screen printed in Nepal on ecological Lokta paper.

Lokta paper has a unique structure, look and feel. It's also one of the most eco-friendly, renewable, non-tree papers.

Every poster is made by hand and so every item is a one of a kind :)


Color Screen print, waterbase: black and white


Size: 50 x 70 cm




Sagstrom&Co is run by artist Jose Marcus and graphic designer Rebecca Sagstrom. They make posters and cards made from ecological Lokta paper. Everything is designed in The Netherlands and hand- & fairmade in Nepal.


Lokta is a fast growing bush in the Himalayan forest of the Nepal highlands. When properly cut, the bushes can produce three to eight new, fast-growing shoots making Lokta paper one of the most eco-friendly, renewable, non-tree papers. This paper is entirely handmade and acid free. There is no machine or chemical used during the manufacturing process.