Irini's Olive Oil


Irini's Olive Oil comes from the Galanaki Estate in Gouves on the island of Crete. The estate is owned by Stella Galanaki who runs a small café in her olive grove and produces olive oil there. 


The olive trees on the estate aren't sprayed with chemical pesticides, which results in a premium quality oil that has a low acidity and is qualified as Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 


The olive oil is pressed in the olive oil factory of Kalo Chorio, which is located some 3 kilometers from Gouves. This olive oil factory uses modern techniques to achieve perfect quality olive oil that has a traditional taste.


Drizzle this oil over steamed vegetables, salads, pasta or simply use it to as a dip with some good quality bread: delicious!


Please note: do not heat Extra Virgin olive oil over 35 degrees.





Irini's herbs is a family-owned enterprise. The Dutch-Greek owner travels to her native Greece to personally select the finest herbs and oils.