NOOX Onesie: Locally Grown


Super soft baby onesie with "Locally Grown" print. The onesie is made from leftover materials, beautiful 100% coton, that otherwise would have been thrown away. Have you noticed the bee on the back?


Machine washable. Comes in a beautiful craft gift box. 100% fairly made in Bangladesh in collaboration with Return to Sender.

Available in 3 sizes: 0-2 months (50/56) , 3-6 months (62/68), 7-12 months (74/80)




NOOX City Kids is a Dutch brand that creates colorful and cheerful baby & kids products that are inspired by the city. Animals that live in the city - pigeons, cats, dogs and ducks - help kids discover their surroundings.

All NOOX products are made in a sustainable and fair manner: the women who make the products earn a fair wage, work under safe conditions, get training on the job, health services and - because they are financially independent - they get to send their children to school. A total win-win situation.