PAINTED Cranes Socks


This isn't your ordinary pair of socks. These beauties are made of bamboo and feature a 360 degree, seamless, digital print. 


As for the print: this particular pair is inspired by a pattern design of Japanese cranes, pictured on a 100-year old ‘furisode’ made by an anonymous craftsman.

A furisode is a precious Japanese kimono only worn by young, unmarried women. The word ‘kimono’ literally means ‘something to wear’, a slight hint that the most important feature is its pattern, taken from nature and bursting with symbolism. Throughout Asia, the crane bird is a symbol of happiness & eternal youth; it is seen as a mystical creature and is believed to live for a thousand years. 


Material: 75% bamboo, 22% polyester, 3% elastane
One size (sizerange 37-45)
Comes in giftbox with storytelling


Please note: wash inside out, no bleach, no tumbling




Wear it, wash it, love it! Give yourself a sprinkle of art every day with these ‘painted’ socks by PAINTED Amsterdam. With seven-mile boots you will zigzag through some beautiful art stories... and enjoy your every day life.

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