UNC Singing Bowl (Ø 13 cm)


Even though singing bowls are a modern phenomenon, they’ve been based on centuries old metal bells, originating from China and dating back to the 16th century. Struck bowls were used in some Buddhist religious practices, during meditation and chanting.


The chiming, calming sound they produce are like nothing else, so it’s no wonder the revolutionized singing bowls become popular with music therapists, yoga practitioners and sound healers. Urban Nature Culture’s singing bowl may have acoustic properties, but the gold champagne colored aluminum is, first and foremost, a sight to behold.


Material: aluminium

Size: H 7,5 x Ø 13 cm





    Urban Nature Culture, also known as UNC, is a Dutch interior brand that strives for a better world. The talented artisans they employ receive a fair wage. They work with honest suppliers and environmentally friendly resources. The result is a vast collection of kitchen items and home accessories. UNC is basically what happens when URBAN meets NATURE meets CULTURE.